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I’m an independent woman if there ever was one. Coming from a working class background, I planned a life that would be different from what I grew up with. For many years, that meant crafting and making art after working an office job. Eventually, I became a theatrical costumer which started the serious travel in the United States. It didn’t take international travel to experience culture shock. Just moving from the west coast to the east coast was a shock. If you ask me what an American is like, I couldn’t tell you. There are so many different cultures and mindsets within this one big country.

I seem to have  penchant  for attracting strange people. Some were friendly, some threatening, and surprisingly some of the most unusual became fast friends. Most people only meet about a half dozen people in their lifetime who remain friends forever. That’s probably a good thing in my case. I prefer deeper relationships with friends. All the other hundreds of people we meet over our lifetime are there for a purpose, I believe. Some just appear out of nowhere when we need them most, others are there just to teach us about human nature. Some people you have a conversation with while walking down the street or waiting at a bus stop, then never see them again.

Woman on the Road is my first book. It’s little vignettes from my life. I don’t claim it’s truly non-fiction. It’s the way I remember things. I chose to stop the story at the end of my life in the US. There are more stories from overseas travel that will come later.

I currently live in Thailand where, for the first time in my life, I have the freedom to write. If there is one thing in my life I regret, it’s being one of those people who thought I had to have a job. The moment I sat down to write this book, I knew this is what I should have been doing all my life.

I hope after reading this first effort, you agree. I look forward to hearing from my readers, who, I am sure will be just as interesting and entertaining as all the other people I’ve met on the road.

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