One Week and Counting

It is now only a one week before the digital edition of Woman on the Road is available on Amazon. It’s been a long road from participating in NANOWRIMO in 2016, refining and adding more text, several passes author proofing, a couple more editor proofings, cover design, formatting of cover and text, reviewing the final copy on Create Space, sending out social media announcements, connecting to Author Central, and creating this new author website. I am excited to finally see my work become available to the public and hope you enjoy reading it as much I have enjoyed writing it.

I’ll be posting short excerpts over the next few days up to the launch. Then, in preparation for the launch of the print edition, I will be posting excerpts as audio readings. It is my plan to make a complete audio version available with the print edition in the near future.

Woman Kindle Cover

Here’s today’s teaser:

That little apartment complex is probably long gone now, but I still remember it was on Pumehana Street just across the street from Everybody’s Market. It was a set of six little one bedroom apartments, screened in and divided by tongue and groove panels. Most of the apartments faced the parking lot, but mine had a side entrance facing Pumehana Street. If you came in from Pumehana Street, the address and apartment number were clearly marked and it looked like it should be the front door. One afternoon, I was just showering after getting home from my shift at the supermarket and I heard a knock at the door. I called out and asked who it was. I was leaning around the bathroom doorway, trying to see the front door, which was off the kitchen. It was the mailman and he had a package.

“I can’t come to the door. I’m in the shower.”

I heard a voice say, “OK, I’ll just leave it right here.”

When I got out of the shower and went into the bedroom to get dressed, the package was on the bed, which was right by the door. He’d been at the back door and he’d had a full view!

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